12th Planet & Congrock @ Cinespace (live)

Last night went out to Cinespace for Congrock and 12th planet click through to view live footage from congrock’s set.

DJ Hoff and Spank Rock – Mobroder – Anthem & Sunset

DJ Hoff premieres two new songs in a bath robe from his collabo with Spank Rock and Blu Jemz, known as Mobroder. The tracks are Mobroder Anthem and Sunset. Danceright at La Cita.

Daft Punk

Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo (b. 8 February 1974) met Thomas Bangalter (b. 3 January 1975) when they both attended school in Paris, France, in 1987. In 1992, heavily influenced by the Beach Boys,…

Tone Loc – “Wild Thing (Moguai Remix)”

In April of 1989 something happened. Something big. Was it Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth lighting up the lives of mallgoers across America? Or Madonna’s Like A Prayer popularizing the plastic crucifix? Not if…

FAKE BLOOD @ Vanguard

Thanks to Glenjamn for the Amazing Video. Click Through for 2 more videos… Enjoy!

Etienne De Crecy Live 2007 Transmusicales de Rennes

Etienne De Crecy Live 2007 Transmusicales de Rennes from Clement bournat on Vimeo. [ratings]

DJ AM as DAFT PUNK at Hardfest Halloween Mansion.

Around the 9:50 mark was when i walked into the auditorium probably the raddest moment of the night… DAFT PUNK [DJ AM] from ▲HOWLCARNAGE▲ on Vimeo.


A couple of us over here at GA attended the Scion house party at Vanguard Monday night. The sound was super loud and the line up was amazing 2manydjs, Villains, and Acidgirls. They…

The Bloody Beetroots @ HARD Summer

Bloody Beetroots live mix at Hard Summer Music Festival on July 19, 2008. Outdoor stage performance in Los Angeles, CA outside the Shrine Expo Hall.

Kanye West @ The Essence Festival

Fresh footage from KanYe’s performance at the Essence Festival a few days ago. Above is Diamonds

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