Wolfgang Gartner-Fire Power (Original Mix)


Wolfgang Gartner kills it…… I was browsing a couple blogs trying to find some inspiration to help write about Wolfgang and stumbled across the best description ever instead of me writing I’m just gonna copy and paste into this post.
“The future of Electro seems to have come a-knockin again…this time its got no tight leather jacket, its not speaking Francais, and there’s nothing epic about it at all. No my friends, this time, the future of Electro looks much different, older, wiser even.Now don’t get it twisted: I’m not saying he will ever be nearly as popular as Justice…but what the fuck has popularity ever proved anyways? My high school crush was the most popular, and all that ever got her was herpes. Popularity passes, see, but herpes sticks 4 lyfe. Anyways, all I’m saying is that after what felt like a long drought in the Electro world of my lyfe, I’m starting to feel wet again. Peace to the Electro-drought of 2009…” -salacioussound.com

Wolfgang Gartner-Fire Power (Original Mix)

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