Why did HARD summer shut down?

What happen tonight at the great western forum was scary!




The annual Hard Summer musical festival in Los Angeles was shut down Saturday night following a decision by the by the City of Inglewood that security and safety issues were getting out of hand.

Reports are sketchy at this stage about exactly what occurred, although the organizers confirmed the news, saying that “We are terribly sorry. Inglewood PD made the decision to shut down the event tonight much to our astonishment and yours.”

One unconfirmed report claims Hard Summer was oversold, leading to capacity issues which then caused the shutdown. Another report claims that attendees were breaking into the entrance to get into the venue due to long delays at security checks.

Making matters worse would appear to be the way the Hard Summer shut down took place. Instead of shutting the event down completely, music was cut off for two hours without explanation while Inglewood Police and the LAPD riot squad got into place outside the venue. Attendees were also blocked from leaving the venue during the two hours and were being arrested if they tried to leave. [via:inquisitr]

Other reports though suggest that the police action was justified and that the crowd had already started to riot before the shutdown was ordered. Users on Twitter claimed that the organizers had inadequate security and quickly lost control of significant portions of the crowd. via:inquisitr

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  1. We were required to shut down Hard Summer at The Forum last night by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. They declared the event a “hazard” after seeing concertgoers jumping from the balcony to the floor, along with numerous other potentially dangerous activities. The Inglewood Police Department backed the decision of the Fire Department and assisted in the clearance of the venue.

    While we, the promoters, worked with the authorities to consider other options to continue the concert, ultimately they made the decision based on the safety of the concertgoers. We are happy to report that there were no major injuries.

    We are offering refunds to all concertgoers.

    Ticketmaster Sales:
    Beginning Monday, August 10th at 10 am, if you purchased your tickets through ticketmaster.com or a Ticketmaster phone center, the credit card you used to purchase the tickets will automatically be credited. If you purchased your ticket through a Ticketmaster outlet, you will need to go to the point of purchase to obtain a refund.

    Groovetickets Sales:
    If you purchased your tickets online through Groovetickets.com, a refund for the total face value of your order will be automatically applied to the credit card you used. Please allow up to five business days for the credit to appear on your banking statement.

    Retail Stores / Venue Box Office:
    If you purchased your tickets through any of the retail stores or from the venue box office, you may obtain a refund by mailing your ticket(s) to:

    The Forum
    3900 West Manchester Blvd
    Inglewood, CA 90305
    Attn: Hard Refund Department

    Please include the mailing address where you would like the refund check mailed to as well as an e-mail address. Include the payee’s full name for check payment or full credit card information. Please allow up to 30 days for your refund to be processed.

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