Insa Heels

Operating in a sphere where the personally chosen name, a nom de plume, is everything and style is paramount, the name ‘INSA’ is one that is synonymous with all that is desirable, limited and crafted to the highest standards.

INSA’s world is one where fetishism, desire and graffiti collide; through extensive street level work and fine art INSA has taken the iconic high heel image and made it his own, infusing a simple, yet clever, graphic ‘logo’ with meaning and relevance. High heels represent a myriad of different things to different people; sex, money, fashion, the battle between masculine and feminine sexuality, dominant and submissive, consumerism and object fetishism; all of which are themes actively explored in INSA’s work. Heels themselves are often, of course, objects of desire and objets d’art in their own right.

The fantasy of ‘INSA HEELS’ is now a reality…


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